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Edible to Go Location

This is a very exciting time for Edible Arrangements. It gives me great pride to announce the launch of the first Edible to Go Location. Designed to be kiosk-like installations that will reinforce our brand in the public eye and provide quick, delicious and healthy treats to consumers on the go in places like malls, airports, etc., the Edible to Go Location represents a thrilling evolutionary step in our growth.

At this moment, our first Edible to Go Location is in full swing at Mall St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky, opening its counters to eager new guests. I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped make this incredibly important dream a reality!

We’ve worked very long and hard to achieve this goal of making our great products available to guests in high traffic locations — where literally thousands of people will be able to see and experience our amazing fresh fruit treats and Guest service every day.

Edible to Go Location

It took a huge team effort on the part of our employees, our vendors and, especially, our outstanding franchise partners Ben and Amanda Hiner to be able to accomplish this feat. I know it will be the beginning of an amazing new day for Edible Arrangements – comparable to the founding of our company itself! – creating tremendous new opportunities for our brand and all our franchise partners, on whom all of our success depends.

There is much more work to be done as we take this wonderful new concept forward from here. But as I mark this occasion, I also want to recognize all the outstanding work that made it happen. Here’s to the first of many terrific Edible to Go Locations on the way. Watch for one coming soon to a mall near you!

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