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As an entrepreneur, I am always interested in how others decided to take the leap and become the owner of a business. Because Edible Arrangements has so many successful franchisees, there is never a shortage of interesting stories. And I often find that more than anything, it was a decision based on a necessity.

Take Robin, for example.

Like many, Robin had always wanted to own her own business, especially a restaurant. Her degree, however, was in medical office administration and she spent a good portion of her career in the healthcare industry.

In 2004, she was running a non-profit homecare agency when funding was cut and the board of directors decided to close the company.

“At that point, I started looking into opening my own business,” Robin told me. “I was tired of relying on others for my paycheck.”

She looked at franchises in areas ranging from homecare to donuts. Then she was told about Edible Arrangements and decided to look into the opportunity.

Within a year Robin was opening her first store in Manchester, NH. Later, she had an opportunity to take over the Concord store and decided to go for it.

Robin, who has four children and three grandchildren, has lived in New Hampshire since opening her first store and she is not all work and no play. Her interests include walking, health and wellness, furniture restoration, decorating, word puzzles, reading and wine.

She also started a program a few years ago where she visits schools to talk to children about healthy eating.

“I talk a lot about the importance of eating fresh fruit and the benefits of Kale – it is a super food!” she says.

It’s already been a decade since Robin opened her first store.

“It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years,” she says.

During that time Robin has been one of our most successful franchisees and she recently renewed her original franchisee agreement, which means we will be blessed to have her as part of the Edible Arrangements family for years to come. That also means she can continue to make her own favorite treat — Berry Chocolate Bouquet with dipped bananas.

“The bananas are definitely my favorite dipped fruit!” she says.


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