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Edible Arrangements veteran program

I’m very thankful to the dedicated men and women who serve our country, as is the entire Edible Arrangements International organization. As I discussed a couple of weeks ago, we recognize the employment challenges some veterans may face upon returning home from deployment or after being discharged. That’s part of the reason for instituting Hero’s Welcome.

We have created a two-path program that provides our veterans the opportunity to achieve success, by one of two ways: Owning their own business as an Edible Arrangements franchisee, or working in one of our stores as a contributing team member with a promising career path.

It’s going to take some hard work and strong initiative to make this happen. One thing we certainly will need is a dedicated group of mentors and coaches amongst our current franchisees to help steer the program along and help our candidates achieve success as new Edible Arrangements franchisees or team members.

If you are a veteran and a member of the Edible Arrangements franchise system who feels qualified to provide such mentorship, and you’d like to help us make Hero’s Welcome a reality, please email us at heromentors@edible.com and we will send you additional information!

I’m beyond exciting for this wonderful opportunity to give back to those who have given so much.

Edible Arrangements veteran program

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